Wade Tokoro

Wade’s boards are some of the most popular here in Hawaii, being ridden by legions of shortboarders and big name touring pros who come to the North Shore every winter season. Some bigger names seen riding his boards include Dusty Payne, Mick Fanning, Sunny Garcia, Jamie O’Brien, Julian Wilson, and of course our favorite WSL warrior, Keanu Asing. Tokoro, who hails from the east side of Oahu, is also one of our favorite surfers as well as one of our favorite shapers. If Pipe is on, chances are you'll find Wade cooling off in the barrel. Learn more at

Carl Schaper

A former Floridian turned Oahu native, Carl Schaper began shaping boards back in 1974 at the age of 17. Through the years and his time on the North Shore, Schaper has worked with team riders Love Hodel, Jesse Merle Jones, Leila Hurst, and Keanu Asing. Most notably, Carl has developed boards along side Hawaiian pro Bonga Perkins for high performance longboard and SUP surfing. Learn more at

Ricky "R.C." Carroll

Ricky began shaping at the young age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. After battling with his older brother whom he shared a surfboard with, R.C. decided to make sure he never had to share again. Most known for his versatility and deep knowledge of everything from kneeboards and noseriders to big wave guns and high performance shortboards, R.C. can shape just about anything you can dream up. Learn more at

Ron Maize

Ron owns Fineline Glassing up in Wahiawa on Oahu and has been in the business for over 10 years. Known for their fine sand finishes, you can say they look almost like a polish. Besides high-performance surfboard glassing, his business also offers AKU shaper cutting, resin art, and custom airbrush services.