HVN Project Beach Clean-Up at Sherwood's Beach

This past weekend we teamed up with HVN Apparel and Jamba Juice Hawaii for their HVN Project initiative and did a beach clean-up at Sherwood's Beach. We were moved to see the overwhelming amount of people who showed up to clean up the zone, many of whom were college students from University of Hawaii and friends.

As defined by HVN, their HVN Project initiative is... "At it’s roots the #hvnproject is a platform to inspire small acts of environmental sustainability, which lead to positive environmental changes on a large scale."


With buckets, gloves, and sifters in hand, we scaled the beach from shore to shore hunting for garbage and clusters of micro-plastics scattered throughout the beach.

It was also mind-blowing the amount of small plastic you can find in the sand. One handful alone can yield a small pile of waste. We came across tires and bottles, to even more trivial thing like underwear and PVC pipes.

After a while of shoveling and sifting, we called it a day. It was easy to say that we felt alittle better knowing that we left the zone better than it originally was.

For more information about HVN Apparel and their HVN Project initiative and how you can contribute, visit their website.

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