Local Motion Hawaii

It was in 1977 when Local Motion first opened it's doors: a small 500 square foot surf shop in Kailua, Oahu in Hawaii. Hawaiian surfboard shaper Rob Burns was the founder, but he was also responsible for the company's design, merchandising, and marketing. Around this period the American market for surf clothing was exploding - and Rob saw it as a wave of opportunity, launching Local Motion's own line of boardshorts, t-shirts, and aloha shirts. All made exclusively in Hawaii.

That is, until the late 90's when boardshort fabrics and construction evolved. Production moved to California, then later overseas where factories where able to produce increasingly technical products. Design and development, however, remained true its roots and stayed in Hawaii. Inevitably, Local Motion became a hit and a familiar name in surfing circles internationally. And it was rightly named - the name Local Motion was used to convey the movement, power, and speed of the surfing sport - but also embodied the Hawaiian aloha spirit.

Rob even went on to launch two other sister brands Hawaiian Style and Kahala Sportswear, both of which aimed to appeal to different customer demographics and each develop its own brand identity. He finally sold Local Motion in 1991 after an early retirement to Minami Corp., a Tokyo-based organization that would further build upon Rob's work, aiming to serve the global surf market whilst remaining true to the brand's local roots.

Today, Local Motion strives to continue producing premium-quality, local products for both in and out of the water. That means keeping up with fast-growing trends and testing new waters, but never forgetting its local origins. With each product that is produced, each is guaranteed to be made with aloha.

After all, aloha is free!

For over 30 years, Local Motion continues to proudly host the annual Surf Into Summer surf contest at Magic Island's Ala Moana Bowls. Taking place at the beginning of Hawaii's summer surf season, three hundred and twenty five of the states top amateur competitors compete for trophies, prizes and bragging rights in what is considered Hawaii's largest and longest-running premier amateur surf event. The contest showcases male and female talent, from the young up-and-comers to the experienced water-men and women, competing on shortboards, longboards and bodyboards.

The Surf Into Summer contest first ran in 1985 at Queen's Beach in Waikiki, and has been a south shore surfing tradition ever since. By the late nineties the event had grown to include over 500 competitors, which required two competition areas be run simultaneously over the three day period. In 2000 Local Motion had the opportunity to move the contest to the crown jewel of the south side, Ala Moana Bowls. The move required Local Motion to scale down the number of contestants in exchange for better, more consistent surf. Regarded as Oahu's best south shore surf spot, the fast, long, bowling lefts at the Ala Moana Bowl provide an ideal arena for first-class amateur surfing. Surf Into Summer continues to evolve, and by 2015, had become a World Surf League QS1000 qualifying event. Keep an eye out for the next Surf Into Summer this upcoming summer!

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