The Results

The ART101 photogs Kailer Kolish, Landon Hayashi, and Louis Solywoda.

The ART101 Project fielded a total of nearly 5,000 likes across Facebook and Instagram.  We were stoked to see the overwhelming support of our selected young artist and would like to extended a huge mahalo to all those who took part in the project.

On Thursday, when the last Facebook like and Instagram double tap was tallied our winner was decided.

Coming in third was Louis Solywoda with his very organic shot of a perfectly timed barrel section on the 7-Mile Miracle.  Louis' use of black and white film is impressive and brings us back to days before DSLR's and SD cards.

In second place was Landon Hayashi's freight training left hand barrel.  Landon's fearlessness earns him the positioning in the lineup that allows him to uncover gems such as the photo he submitted for the ART101 project.  This photo provides us the view into a barrel we all which we could be in.  Needless to say, we spent far too much time daydreaming about the possibilities of the wave Landon captured.

Finally, taking home top honors was Kailer Kolish with his glorious shot of a late arvo Sandy's monster.  This photo combines both beauty and aggression in the finest of methods.  The way Kailer used the setting suns colors setting up behind the wave was a prime example of being in the perfect spot at the perfect time.  The growing popularity of GoPro cameras and Clark Little calendars has made photos of this nature fairly common and few can find ways to make their photos stand out like Kailer has.  Countless hours of practice has gone into producing this image and we promised not to give away any of his secrets.

With his efforts, Kailer has earned himself a spot in the 2016 Local Motion Spring clothing line and his image has been purchased by the company on a one-time use license.  Look for his art to be featured this coming December upon the launch of our Spring line.

Congratulations to all three of our rising artist for a job well done.  
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Winning photographer Kailer Kolish and ART101 Project Developer Brawnson Adams.