ART 101 Launching 3/2/2015

February 27, 2015

ART 101 was designed to share and support a trio of young photographers who love photographing surf as much as they love riding it.  While we enjoy a good photo, we also enjoy competition and ART101 is a no-holds bar photography competition as well.  Using the Local Motion Facebook and Instagram, each of the artists have submitted two photos (not necessarily surf related) into the ART 101 competition.  Each photo will be judged based on the number of likes it gets on either social media outlet.  The photographer who's single photo gains the most likes will win an exclusive deal with Local Motion Hawaii.  Their images will be bought and utilized in the 2016 Spring Local Motion clothing line.
To be a part of this project, be sure to Like Local Motion Hawaii on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.
Vote for your favorite photo by liking it on either Facebook or Instagram, or both.
Voting for each photo will begin on Monday March 2 at 8:30 HST.