Red Bull presents Qualifying: Hawaii and the Vans World Cup Part 2

January 12, 2015

Qualifying for the WCT is one of the toughest goals in sports period. An elite few graduate to the big leagues every year and with the talent level being the highest it's ever been, qualifying has never been more difficult. Of the hundreds of surfers listed on the WQS tour, all but ten will face the unfortunate reality that they will not qualify and be forced to spend another year in surfing’s minor leagues. However, for the select few that are granted entry into the elite tour, dreams become reality. 

In this, the final episode of Red Bull’s Qualifying, we follow the WQS tour to the final stop of the season at Sunset Beach on the North Shore. For those seeking a WCT seed, the Vans World Cup of Surfing is their last chance to gain points and climb the ratings.  It’s been a long year filled with ups and downs and everything in between but luckily for our guy Keanu Asing, every piece to the puzzle came together properly. This year at Snapper Rocks, we will have the privilege of watching Keanu lay down his pastel colored Tokoro rails in his first year on the WSL Samsung Galaxy World Tour. For now, we enjoy this well produced piece of surf tv brought to you by Red Bull. 

Congrats Keanu!