Meet Louis

Louis Solywoda

Age: 18

Grade: 12

High school: Honolulu Waldorf

Instagram: @loudawg___ 







How did you get into photography?
Don King and Micky Smith have inspired me towards pursuing my passion for photography. I wanted to capture my own stories and memories. The best photos come from insane adventures. That’s why I do it.

Land or water angle?
Water angle! I like the front line.

We know you love shooting surf photography, but what are some other things that you enjoy shooting?
I enjoy photographing at exotic places with people who are willing to dive into their wild side.

If you could travel to any surf location other than Hawaii to shoot, where would you go and whom would you want to shoot?
The crystal clear water of Teahupo’o and photograph Clay Marzo.

If you weren’t shooting surfing, what other sport would you want to shoot?
Rock Climbing; I like the natural high.

Cheez-its or Goldfish?
Mom always said to eat gold fish.

Chopsticks or fork?
Depends on what I’m eating.

Favorite surfer on tour?
John John.

Your thoughts on Katy Perry’s left shark…
I don’t watch T.V.

Where do you go for your favorite plate lunch?
Kalua Pork with extra cabbage, poi, lau lau, and rice. CHHEEE!

Final words?
Stay organic.


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