Meet Kailer

Kailer Kolish

Age: 16

Grade: 10

School: Miliani High School

Instagram: @thekailerkolish








How did you get into photography?
I actually started playing in the shorebreak with my iPhone 4s and watershot housing. I graduated to shooting my friends as they would surf and continued to see what type of shots I would get during different times of the day.

Land or water angle?
BOTH! But if I must choose one, I would say water angle.

We know you love shooting surf photography, but what are some other things that you enjoy shooting?
I’ve been shooting some family parties and making some extra money to help with my camera equipment. I also have a drone. I love using it and getting different angles and then putting together short clips.

If you could travel to any surf location other than Hawaii to shoot, where would you go and whom would you want to shoot?
I would go to Tahiti and I would want to shoot Andy Irons.

If you weren’t shooting surfing, what other sport would you want to shoot?

Cheez-its or Goldfish?

Chopsticks or fork?

Favorite surfer on tour?
Julian Wilson.

Your thoughts on Katy Perry’s left shark…
I fell asleep in the 2nd Quarter.

Where do you go for your favorite plate lunch?
Blazing Stakes.

Final words?