TRACE: The More You Know, The Harder You Rip

August 12, 2015



New at Local Motion is Trace.  This small puck of electronic genius measures every metric about your surfing.  From how many degrees you clock in on each turn, to how fast you're flying down the line, to even how far you weaved from start to finish.  This device uses GPS tracking to calculate these metrics and help improve your surfing.  Beyond the water, Trace also has an auto video editing program that overlays your stats and cuts out the down time between waves.  With no lulls in the action, you can focus on the details in your surfing in your video analysis.  Perfect for the laser sharp competitor or rippers looking to add an edge to their game, Trace is here to make sure your progression never slows down.


Available soon at Local Motions Ala Moana and Koko Marina locations.