Indo Daydream with Kaiser

July 14, 2015

Summer time for a grom means days full of waves and free of homework.  That's the life!  This summer, Kaiser took a trip down to Indonesia in search of those waves we've all daydreamed about in class.

Arriving just before the swell of the decade reached Indo shores, Kaiser and fam scored some epic waves and even had time to bag a few fish while the waves were small.  Once the swell returned Kaiser nabbed the wave of his life and packed a barrel that made us all jealous as we frothed out looking at photos sent from his father, Geoff.  Being the incredible kid that he is, Kaiser also had time to visit a school and take some school supplies to the local keiki who were mightily fascinated by his sandy blonde hair.  

Peek a few images from the trip below.  Boy, how nice an Indo visit sounds right about now...