A Morning with Kaiser

April 02, 2015

The life of a grom is awesome.  Unlimited amounts of energy, superb flexibility, and stoke that extends through the clouds.  We spent a morning running around the North Shore with Kaiser and fit in more activities than most working folk can make time for in a whole week.  Here's a few images of Kaiser doing what he does best...shredding!


Mapping out the line.

Kaiser and his favorite corner section.

While everyone was out of position and nowhere near ready, Kaiser tweak a massive air over the hip.  We all missed it but here, Kaiser lines up another styled out frontside grab.

Measuring out the extension.

Unlaced the skate shoes and laced up the leash for a quick midmorning dip.

Inside section backside wrap.

Kaiser gave us the lowdown on his quiver so we could get our next customs dialed like his.

His favorite stick at the moment, the Tokoro SFS model.  This board measures 4'3" x 15 1/4" x 1 5/8".

Topped off the morning with a little Matsumoto's shave ice.  

Cheers to a great day with the super grom!