The Triple Crown: Here comes the boom.

November 18, 2014

The home stretch is well under way and while the end of the year is here, the most exciting leg of professional surf competition has just begun. After an exciting final and with a rail over airs approach, Dusty Payne came away with a win taking down Julian Wilson in the final. Quietly doing business along the way was Jeremy Flores, who came into the event needing points to re-qualify for the CT (Championship Tour), finding himself in the final and bagging a bunch of points to move him up the ratings.

All eyes at the Local Motion camp are fixed on our guy, Keanu Asing. After a surprising exit by JohnJohn who suffered a minor muscle tear prior to the event, Keanu was able to jump a round and begin his battle for Haleiwa in the third round instead of his initial second round seeding. After a strong showing in his round 3 heat, Keanu unfortunately fell in his round 4 heat resulting in a 25th place finish.  

What this means for our warrior, Keanu Asing, is that he will need to keep on pace through Sunset to hold his position and qualify for the CT. Currently, Asing sits in the 7th qualifying position on the QS (Qualification Series) ratings with four of the top QS seeds belonging to surfers who will re-qualify through their points from CT events. The cut off for qualification is at the number 14 spot, held by Australia's Jack Freestone.

Help us support Keanu by following him on Instagram and Twitter, and by sending him good vibes and encouragement using the hashtags #HEARToverHEIGHT and #KeanuCan


For more on the ASP points party, have a look at the video below.